Tricks to make better use of the space in our bathroom

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Espacio De Nuestro Bano Foto 1.jpg

Today from GizHogar we bring you some tricks to get much more out of it and make better use of the layout and space of our bathroom. Having a small bathroom does not have to mean that we have to give up wasting storage space in this room of our home, since thanks to a little imagination and with the right accessories, we will make our bathroom look bigger than it really is.

How to take advantage of our bathroom space

Use closet doors and closet mirrors

When our cabinets no longer have more space to store our accessories, we can use the doors to hang an organizer and be able to place the hair dryer, the irons or brushes and combs. Another option is to use wardrobe mirrors since we have two tools in one, because we take advantage of them as a mirror and at the same time we can store things in them to save space.

Toilet roll holder with shelf and individual towel racks

The roll holders with shelf are vertical and hardly take up space, being able to leave our accessories on that shelf. Something that takes up a lot of space are towels, so it is best to place them in a individual towel rack, as each one will be on its own hanger and they will dry much faster too. Another option is to place a hanger with various hangers on the door from the bathroom to place the towels there or a hanger to put them rolled up behind the door and make the most of the space in our bathroom.

Taking advantage of the space located above the toilet is a very useful trick to increase our storage

Take advantage of the corners and put shelves over the toilet

The corners can be exploited by placing corner baskets that will help us organize hygiene products and also to store toilet paper rolls. On the other hand, there are usually no accessories above the toilet, so that space can also be used to place some shelves with a small closet.

Wall magnets and jars for cosmetics

space of our bathroom

This magnet is great for the smaller metal tools we use every day

For the metal items that we have in the bathroom such as tweezers, hairpins, scissors or nail clippers, a great idea is place them on bands of magnets that we will fasten to the wall tiles and we will have everything much closer to hand. Finally, we can store the makeup items in a large jar where we have everything together.