Tydom Home, this is the new gateway for the connected house

tydom home this is the new gateway for the connected.png
tydom home this is the new gateway for the connected.png

Delta Dore has presented his new gateway for the connected house. his name is Tydom Home and arrives to offer better management of Delta Dore’s radio products, as well as its partners. As a novelty, it is compatibility with plugs and light bulbs that use the protocol ZigBee 3.0.

Advantages of Tydom Home

Talking about home automation or connected home can sometimes raise a lot of doubts. Tydom Home arrives to make this easier and allow the Smart Home to reach all homes thanks to its simplicity, openness and scalability. This small device allows intuitive control of all the equipment in this connected home concept.

Tydom Home

For example, we can control the house by voice (Alexa and Google Assistant) and from the Tydom app we will be able to manage the lights or the blinds, adjust the temperature, know the electrical consumption, monitor the alarms, among others. Furthermore, if the Tydon Home is a small desktop device, there is also the professional option, Tydom Home Pro, which allows this device to be installed directly on the electrical panel. It only occupies two modules, making it the smallest gateway currently on the market.

Availability and price

Tydom Home has a recommended retail price of €164 + VAT. With this small device we will have comprehensive management of all the equipment that makes up our smart home, it is compatible with a good number of accessories (aside from Delta Dore’s own products) and offers the possibility of including it in the electrical installation of the house if we are facing a new construction or a comprehensive reform, or use this gateway through a small desktop gadget that will also allow us to have control of all this to take another step forward in the creation of the most complete Smart Home.