UFESA Espresso CE7238 Cream, 20 bar coffee machine and 850W

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Ufesa Espresso Ce7238 Cream.png

A new small appliance is presented on the market to delight the very coffee growers. It’s the machine UFESA Espresso CE7238 Cream. An automatic coffee machine with which to enjoy a pleasant aromatic cup of coffee.

UFESA Espresso CE7238 Cream, traditional aroma and flavor

The new coffee maker UFESA, The reference Espresso CE7238 Cream, is the proposal of this famous company to make lovers of the tasty drink enjoy in a comfortable way, full of nuances and good flavor.

Features of the new model

The brand new reference of UFESA stands out for having a great pressure pump of 20 bar Y 850 W power. The brand thus ensures the user to obtain a totally enriching coffee experience. The new machine also has a removable tank, steerable vaporizer Y cup warmer tray.

And is that according to its manufacturer, this is an ideal accessory for fans of good coffee. UFESA seeks to make a difference with CE7238 Cream, by creating a model focused on the taste and the traditional scent of the comforting drink.

More details of the product

This new model of Ufesa, thanks to its good specifications, you can prepare an exquisite espresso and delicious cappuccinos with the best cream and the maximum aroma. Everything for the user to enjoy 100% of the experience. The automatic machine has double brewing system: traditional with ground coffee or with practices single dose. The device has a removable 1.2 liter water tank. In addition, it includes Adjustable frother for frothing milk or heating water to make infusions.

UFESA Espresso CE7238 Cream

The CE7238 Cream have the filter bar cream that allows you to get the best crema for your coffee. The appliance has metal filter holder with three filters to be able prepare 1 or 2 cups of coffee and pods. And as we mentioned, it also offers a cup warmer tray and to collect coffee drops or grounds, perfect for keeping the space free of debris. Finally, once the coffee or infusion has been served, the coffee maker turns off automatically. Its recommended price is 120 euros.

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