Ufesa MYBAKERY BM6000, making bread and homemade sponge cake

ufesa mybakery bm6000.png
ufesa mybakery bm6000.png

For those who intend to prepare their own bread and taste a good Biscuit homemade, the Ufesa MYBAKERY BM6000 it is the ideal appliance. This electronic breadmaker is capable of making, at any time of the day, these foods just to everyone’s taste.

Ufesa MYBAKERY BM6000, a domestic bakery

If something has made the global pandemic relevant, it is the interest of consumers in a more careful diet. Curiously, there have been many people who have started preparing their own food at home, being more demanding with what they eat and wanting to have a greater control over diet. Bread and pastries, dominated by industrial masseshas seen a resurgence of healthier, more homemade options.

Product characteristics

Well, thanks to the bakery MYBAKERY BM6000 from Ufesa It is possible to prepare a batch of bread, and your favorite pastries, at home in a very practical way. This appliance has a power of 650W and has more than ten pre-installed programs. Also offers three roast levels and wears a timer.


The appliance has LCD screen and an assortment of accessories that facilitate food preparation. Everything you need to make home-made elaborations with personally selected raw materials: Ecological flour, wheat; whole foods, gluten free. It allows to make bread from 500 grams, 750 grams or 1 kg of weight.

More details of the bakery

The Ufesa MYBAKERY BM6000 offers multiple options to make at home not only bread, also prepare jams Y homemade dough to our liking. To do this, simply select one of the 14 pre-installed digital programs, and let your 650W power. Not without first choosing the desired level of toast for the bread: Sure, half or Dark. This way you always get your favorite crunchy crust.


As everything is reflected on the screen LCD, the handling does not represent any complication. In addition, it includes a function that keep warm for 1 hour. We only have to worry about entering the selected ingredients and choosing the most suitable program for the dough to be obtained. We must not forget another of its interesting functions, the programmable ignition up to a maximum of 15 hours. This appliance has a removable non-stick pan and one rolling pin. Its accessories include: measuring glass; measuring spoon; Y mixing paddle.

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