Underground bottle cooler, how do they work?

refrigerador de botellas bajo tierra.jpg
refrigerador de botellas bajo tierra.jpg

Having cold drinks always available is a pleasure (and a necessity on those days when high temperatures are pressing). If you want to surprise your guests, don’t miss out on this curious product that we found at Lidl: a underground bottle cooler.

Technical characteristics of the underground bottle cooler

It is a very simple and simple product at first glance, but it offers us a use that perhaps we had not seen until now. First of all, we have to keep in mind that it is used to keep drinks cold, not to cool them by themselves. And how it works? Taking advantage of the cold of the ground to keep drinks cool. comes with one insulating cap To achieve this result and three levels. In total, its capacity is 15 bottles (0.33 liters or 0.5 liters) and of course you choose the content: soft drinks, wine, beers or even water. They cannot weigh more than 15 kg or have a metal closing lid. These three levels go up as you need the bottles, so that it is very comfortable to use.

underground bottle cooler

The dimensions of this curious product are 20 centimeters in diameter and 90 centimeters in height. His weight is 2.4 kg. To use it, keep in mind that you will have to dig a hole in the ground with these measurements. You can do it with a shovel or with a drill. Then insert the refrigerator and finally put the lid on to keep the cold.

Lastly, note that does not have BPA or bisphenol Atwo polluting elements that already had a lot of controversy in the first hot air fryers.

Availability and price

This underground bottle cooler is already available in the Lidl online store. Its official price is €44.99.