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Do you like and care about the health of your facial skin? If so, the UNICSKIN mask or UNICLED KOREAN MASK you will love it. This device of UNICSKIN it will become a revolutionary and painless way to add to your facial routine.

What is the UNICSKIN Mask?

The UNICSKIN Mask or UNICLED KOREAN MASK is a mask that uses LED light technology for you to use as a facial treatment. In turn, this mask provides LED light therapy of up to 7 colors which is used in the field of dermatology and aesthetics to treat different ailments.

In fact, it is a treatment that promises to be very effective and that It has the advantage of not being invasive and being an alternative option to others such as hyaluronic acid infiltrations, laser resurfacing, chemical peeling, etc.

The advantage of using LED light is that it does not heat the skin, therefore it does not inflame or cause pain, so there is no need to go through a recovery period after treatment. This LED light, in turn, causes the skin to react at the cellular level, thus increasing collagen production to repair tissues. without causing harmful radiation or burns as can cause the laser, for example.

In this way, also stimulates elastin, in addition to eliminating collagenase, an enzyme responsible for aging, as well as increasing blood flow in order to achieve a healthy, radiant and rejuvenated appearance. What’s more, with the use of this mask, even better absorption of facial care products is promoted and each color of light has a specific function. Do you want to know which ones? Well continue reading.


UNICRED (RED, ANTI-AGEING LIGHT) for photoaged skin and marked lines

First, we will talk about the red light, which It serves as an anti-wrinkle treatment and also for skin rejuvenation. With a long wavelength, infrared activates cell regeneration, as well as fibroblasts and stimulates the creation of collagen and elastin. Therefore, it helps reduce wrinkles and expression lines, in addition to closing large pores.


UNICGREEN (GREEN, ANTI-DARK SPOT LIGHT) for hyperpigmented skin, with dark spots and scars

with the green light we can control the hyperpigmentation of the skin, because it has a very high regenerative power of the nutrients of the skin damaged by the sun and age. this kind of light acts against melanocytes, which are the cells that form melanin and inhibits its excessive production. In this way, it will help us to eliminate dark spots on the skin, so it can be very beneficial for people suffering from hyperpigmentation, vitiligo and melasma, as well as those who want to lighten scars.


UNICBLUE (BLUE, ANTI-ACNE LIGHT) for acne and psoriasis skin.

blue light It helps us treat acne, since it acts from its origin, that is, the bacteria that causes it. Its blue wavelength penetrates the skin and produces oxygen radicals that help destroy this bacteria. In this way, dilated pores are reduced, as well as pimples that appear due to hormonal changes or stress, redness and inflammation.


UNICYELLOW (YELLOW, LYMPHO-TENSING LIGHT) for reddened, irritated and dull skin

if we want stimulate lymphatic circulation, nothing better than yellow light, since it improves the oxygenation of cells, as well as favors our immune system. Thus, redness or couperosis and irritation are reduced. In addition, sensitive skin is regulated and the skin becomes more luminous and smooth, with an improvement in muscle and tissue tone that is derived from the stimulation of the nervous system.


UNICWATER BLUE (TURQUOISE, ZEN ENERGY LIGHT) for stressed, energyless and inflamed skin

With the turquoise light we will notice a reenergizing effect, since it activates the cells and makes it easier for the metabolism to work. Therefore, it relaxes the skin and fills it with energy to calm it down and give it a much healthier appearance.


UNICPURPLE (PURPLE, HEALING DETOX LIGHT) for pinkish skin, with post-treatment marks and traces

If you suffer from rosacea, have marks or traces after any treatment, it is important to improve healing and blood circulation. Therefore, the purple light will help you after aggressive or invasive treatments, as reduces inflammation and marks. In addition, it also promotes wound healing and can help reduce acne and fine lines.



White light is not the least effective because it is the most common. this kind of light It is responsible for penetrating the deepest layers of the skin to regenerate cells and reactivate metabolism. Thus, it helps to attenuate expression lines, as well as to regenerate aged skin and, therefore, improve flaccidity.

This type of light complements very well with the Red light treatment, so if you combine both in one 15 minute session each, you can reduce the appearance of wrinkles as well as firm up sagging skin.


Characteristics of the UNICSKIN Mask or UNICLED KOREAN MASK

Gender Unisex
How to use Apply to clean face for 30 minutes.
Once finished, apply the usual 3 Unicskin steps (serum, contour and cream).
Type of skin All skin types
kind of product facial devices

Opinions of the UNICSKIN Mask

This mask for facials it is quite expensive. To notice its effects, the brand itself indicates that 12 or 14 sessions must pass you will distribute in 3 per week. Its most positive points are found in that brings different LED lights to treat different problems, although it must be taken into account that, when using it is not very comfortable Some users have already found it heavy.

That said, if you are one of those who like to take care of your face and spend a lot on facial care products, you might be interested in trying it out to draw for yourself or yourself your own conclusions.

Availability and price of the UNICSKIN Mask

And if you are looking for something simpler for your facial routine, but effective, here we leave you the brush Philips VisaPure Essential BSC200/01.

  • Different lights for different problems.
  • Easy to use.

  • It is not very comfortable and can be a bit heavy.
  • Expensive.

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