Vacation options away from home

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tiendas glamping.jpg

The vacation away from home it is a moment that millions of people around the world look forward to every year. Whether it’s many or a few days, the process of choosing a place and the ways in which free time will be enjoyed is very interesting to face and it has many alternatives to consider. For example, one of the latest trends to appear on the market is glamping tents.

Camping is a classic activity that has remained unchanged for decades. Although it has the advantage of simplifying planning and saving a lot of money on the vacation, the lack of amenities leads many people to give it up, especially as they get older. Thus, models like a safari tent have arrived as a luxury option that recovers the facilities of a house or hotel.

Vacation away from home without limitations

The new way to have a home in a natural environment

For those who are not aware of this new fashion, it all comes down to having a life experience similar to that of a house but without losing contact with nature, thus maintaining the real camping feeling. The consumer thus achieves a unique experience but with the comfort of their own home.

Between the characteristics of these glamping tents is a structure based on wood that gives more protection, from a tongue and groove floor and wood-framed walls with foam tape that also help to maintain greater privacy in the division of the different rooms.

Besides the logic removing tents that need to be loaded or set up, facilities include forgetting to have too many essentials with you, such as sleeping bags, because inside there are conventional beds. Also during the night it is avoided to get cold by having a structure that can be closed completely.

Unlike the classic tents that force people to be constantly crouching, here its sturdy poles make it possible to rise up to over 2.3 meters in height, while There is no shortage of windows that can be opened and closed in different ways, space division with zippers and structures with special fabrics designed so that it transpires and prevents mold from proliferating over time.

Like little, There is no shortage of constructions that are made up of independent pieces, thus opening the possibility to expand the tent in the future in case the family or group of friends is appreciated, as well as replacing a defective part if necessary.

In conclusion, this recommendation is ideal for nature lovers who are looking to recharge their batteries during their holidays away from home. Of course, superior comfort will require a budget that is clearly higher than what one is used to when camping in a traditional way. You, have you already tried this new “Premium” trend?


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