Video Doorbell Pro 2, Ring’s new doorbell with camera

Video Doorbell Pro 2.jpg
Video Doorbell Pro 2.jpg

The company Ring has presented its new Video Doorbell Pro 2. An improved version of his camera doorbell what includes now color night vision Y radars with which to improve the control of those who knock at the door.

Video Doorbell Pro 2, the new generation of doorbell from the Ring brand

Signature Ring, a specialist brand in devices for the connected home, launches its new generation of doorbell with a camera. Is the reference Video Doorbell Pro 2, which comes to renew the well-known model in its catalog, improving the quality of the image offered.

Same service, better benefits

Doorbell with camera Pro 2 maintains the good utility of the previous model. That is, it allows you to control who is knocking at the door at all times, with total freedom of movement for the user, since everything is managed through the mobile phone.

Pro 2, the new version of Ring’s Video Doorbell

The novelty that includes the Pro 2 is the 3D motion technology. With this new function, the user has more data and better context about what is happening on the other side of the door. The new doorbell model uses radar sensors so it is now able to better detect and identify objects.

More details

Thanks to this set of radars, you can also customize the areas of the property to be covered. The user has the option of select distance thresholds to receive alerts on the mobile if any subject enters that field.

Video Doorbell Pro 2

The new connected doorbell model now has color night vision, as well as the ability to offer a panoramic vision, so that the user has a full-body field of vision. Ring video quality has also been improved. Now it is from 1536 pixels. The Pro 2 goes on sale on March 31, 2021 for 249 euros.

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