Vileda Virobi Slim, opinions of a cleaning robot type “mop”

vileda virobi slim cabecera.jpg
vileda virobi slim cabecera.jpg

Many times we are not looking for a vacuum cleaner to do all the work, but an assistant to help us on certain occasions. The robot cleaner Vileda Virobi Slim of the Vileda brand is a good example of this.

Vileda Virobi Slim

Vileda Virobi Slim is a robot cleaner that stands out for being very economical. Cleans from hair, to dust and lint, and is capable of changing direction when it detects an obstacle in the path, in addition to being able to reach and work on the edges and corners of your home. Count with one short cleaning program, with a duration of 30 minutes and suitable for rooms up to 20 square meters and a 120 minute long program thinking for the largest rooms in the house.

In the package it comes in, in addition to the robot, we will find 3 electrostatic chamois and an instruction manual. These chamois are disposable.

Its main characteristics are summarized in its system of autonomous navigation, which allows you to move independently throughout the house and not collide with objects and walls; it is wireless and rechargeable, a bright red color will indicate that the battery is charging and, when it turns green, we will know that it will be finished, normally in a time between 5-6 hours, which will give you a autonomy, in turn 4 hours. Have a 4.5 cm high ultra compact design, which will allow you to clean even under sofas, beds and other furniture that the broom cannot reach under. Also, this, together with the electrostatic power of the suede, will remove most of the dirt and dust, and can be used on any surface: works on smooth surfaces such as tiles, parquet and marble and its wheels are designed not to scratch the ground.

Finally, we have to point out that this robot is very useful if we have pets at home, since it will remove the hair without any difficulty, wherever it is.

General characteristics of the Vileda Virobi Slim

Vileda Virobi Slim
Brand Vileda
Model No. 149932
Product weight 1.68 kg
Package dimensions 29 x 29 x 4.5 cm
Power 25 W
Colour Red
Auto power off Not
Energy efficiency C
Noise 50 dB
Special features cordless, pet_hair, lightweight

Opinions from the Vileda Virobi Slim

The first thing to keep in mind is that it is not a robot vacuum cleaner, but a robot cleaner, in this case of the “mop” type. It has discs that retain hair, dust and lint, so it is very useful if you live in a home with pets, since it fulfills its function of removing their hair. However, something that we did not like it is that electrostatic cloths are disposable and not reusable, so you have to constantly acquire them as you use them.
That said, if what you need is a robot that cleans for you automatically and you are not looking for great features or very advanced technology, it can become a good option to consider.

Vileda Virobi Slim

Availability and price of the Vileda Virobi Slim

If you are interested in acquiring this robot, you can do so at Amazon, Media Markt and Fnac.


But, if what you are really looking for is a robot vacuum cleaner, of which you do not have to worry about purchasing disposable bands and only have to clean the tank, we invite you to visit the Ecovacs Deebot DM88.

  • It collects hair, dust and dirt, making it very useful in homes with pets.
  • Robot cleaner with 2 programmable working times.
  • Very economical.

  • It is not a robot vacuum cleaner.
  • The chamois are disposable and not reusable.