Vinegar and lemon: the definitive trick to avoid bugs at home

vinegar and lemon the definitive trick to avoid bugs at home
vinegar and lemon the definitive trick to avoid bugs at home

Having bugs at home is something that no one wants to go through. There are some a priori that are more welcome than others, such as ants compared to cockroaches, but, anyway, we are sure that you prefer that none of them wander freely around your home, right? Either because you have a small community of ants roaming your kitchen as if cockroaches are the ones that from time to time give you the scare of your life, today we tell you how you can avoid their appearance with only two ingredients that you surely have in your pantry:  vinegar and lemon .

The vinegar and lemon trick so there are no bugs in your home

Homemade cleaners are more effective than many people think. And, although the chemical products for sale in supermarkets and department stores are designed and created specifically for a specific purpose (and they usually work well), we can also emulate their effects with natural ingredients.

vinegar and lemon bugsvinegar and lemon

One of the most powerful combinations is  vinegar and lemon . We tell you how to use it. Take a spray and add  a glass of hot water, a glass of white vinegar and the juice of a squeezed lemon . Close it and shake it carefully so that everything mixes well. Now, you will only have to spray your home with this to prevent spoons, ants or even flies from coming back.

It is recommended to spray  the corners, the kitchen counter, the drains and the windows and doors , as well as any small corner you have at home. These are the areas through which bugs can enter or the ones that attract them the most.

This trick can be used not only  to prevent , but also in case ants have already appeared, for example. Vinegar is a powerful bug repellent and it couldn’t be easier to use and harmless for us. In fact, it is also used to  remove the bad smell from the refrigerator .