Vitalmaxx hardness removers: an economical solution for your feet


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Today we talk about Vitalmaxx callus removers, a product that we have found in the Lidl store and that you can buy both physically and in its online version. Don’t give yourself a stick! There are those who are simply satisfied with suffering them in silence, but there is a solution. Today we talk about this device that will help you live happier. And it’s not a joke.

Characteristics of Vitalmaxx Callus Remover

This Vitalmaxx Hardness Remover has a clear function, as its name suggests: to remove calluses and calluses from your feet. It has a vacuum function that helps us remove dirt and dead skin. Furthermore, since it has no blades, there is no risk of injury or resulting problems. Also in the sense of security, it comes with a protective cover so we don’t have any problems.

Likewise, we can highlight that it comes with two scrub attachmentsone thick and other fineso that we can adapt it to our needs.

Vitalmaxx callus removers

Its dimensions are 6.5 x 6.5 x 13.5cm. and its weight is 150 grams. To make it work, we will need four AAA batteries. They are not included, but, in exchange, it does include everything mentioned above (hardness remover, protective cap, the two exfoliating accessories, as well as a cleaning brush and USB charging cable).

Availability and price

If you liked this product, you can buy it at the Lidl online store for a price of €10.99. So cheap? This is because it currently has a great discount that puts the scissors at almost 50%. Its usual price is 19.99 euros. So don’t miss it!

And if you want to compare with other similar models, here we talk about the Lidl Electric Scald Remover. It is a similar model, but, in this case, signed by Silvercrest.

And which one do you prefer?