VOCOlinc VC1 Opto, new surveillance camera compatible with HomeKit

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Vocolinc Vc1 Opto.jpg

The reference VOCOlinc VC1 Opto it’s a new Surveillance Camera available in Europe and the first compatible of this company compatible with HomeKit Secure Video. Quite a device economic and with interesting features to improve safety domestic.

VOCOlinc VC1 Opto, smart home security

The brand VOCOlinc presents its first surveillance camera compatible with HomeKit, the ecosystem of Manzana for the control of the connected home. This camera expands the manufacturer’s catalog, providing compatibility with HomeKit Secure Video (HSV).

Product characteristics

The brand new Opto Smart Indoor Camera (VC1) presents an appearance very similar to that of the vast majority of this type of products found on the market. The device has a base that covers the entire camera, and allows it to rotate to almost 360º. It has a white chassis where the lens is protected in a black support.

The VOCOlinc VC1 Opto can record video with resolution Full HD (1080p) to 30 FPS (frames per second). Also, as it has a motorized system, your objective reaches to cover 107º vertically Y 350º with a horizontal turn. The manufacturer also incorporates an adapter to mount it on the ceiling.

More camera details

This product from VOCOlinc has a system of led lights (blue or red), located on the back of the camera, which indicate when it is recording or transmitting the images to a device. How it can be integrated into the ecosystem HomeKit from Manzana, and is compatible with HomeKit Secure Video (HSV), you can save the recorded videos in the cloud of iCloud. For this you need to have 200 GB storage in iCloud. It also allows voice control via Siri.

VOCOlinc VC1 Opto

The camera has a recording system with advanced infrared night vision, by incorporating four IT LEDs with a visibility of up to 6 meters in the dark. Connects to the home network directly via the band 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. This device is charged using an electrical outlet and a cable USB Type C. Point out that it has a privacy mode, can be activated via the application VOCOlinc that physically hides the camera lens. This product from VOCOlinc sold for 47.99 euros.

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