Wattio DOOR, make your home a little smarter

Wattio Door Sensor De Puertas Y Ventanas 4.jpg
Wattio Door Sensor De Puertas Y Ventanas 4.jpg

Sometimes, no matter how used we are to check if we have closed the windows and doors of our home properly, the rush can cause us to forget. Also, this can happen due to a simple carelessness and, although it seems that in many cases it is not necessary to have so much control over this aspect of the home, the reality is that it becomes essential if we have children, elderly people or pets in our care. For your peace of mind, Wattio proposes the use of a door and window sensor such as the Watt DOOR.

But really, what is a sensor of this type for? If you want to find out, keep reading.


The Wattio DOOR is a device that, by itself, is very useful at the time of make sure how much the Windows like the doors of our home are closed. In addition, this provision is not only focused on the entrance and exit doors of the rooms of our house, can also be used in cabinets and drawers which we do not want others to access.

For this, you will receive a alert when someone enters an area or opens a window or door, and the you can manage from your smartphone thanks to a intuitive and very easy to use application. In particular, this is useful if you are on the lookout for someone to come home. With a simple and discreet design, it will go unnoticed and with its six years of uninterrupted battery use, you will not remember that you have it.

Finally, it is fully compatible with other Wattio devices such as the Thermic, which will help us save on electricity consumption, since they can be configured so that the heating is turned off, for example, if you are ventilating the house with the windows open, etc.


General characteristics

Door and Window Sensor Watt DOOR
Dimensions 25.4 x 20.3 x 20.3 cm
Weight 136 g
Characteristics • Power without cables. 2 button batteries included.

• Magnetic sensor

• Programmable alarms

• 6-year battery for uninterrupted security

• 1 adhesive band included

• White color

Wattio DOOR opinions

The Wattio DOOR delivers on what it promises. Its alarm system is really efficient Y it takes a few seconds to send an alert to our smartphone. Furthermore, sand integrates seamlessly with other Wattio products, although here we can find a drawback. And it is that, to get the full potential of the product would have to combine it with other brand devices. In addition, it is necessary to have a Wattio Gate to make it work, so the price actually goes up.

Availability and price of the Wattio DOOR

The device comes in White color and have one good value for money, if we do not take into account that we must buy, apart the Wattio Gate so that it can work. In this way, we can find it together with other Wattio products in Amazon Y PcComponentes.


Although, if what you are looking for is not a surveillance system but a robot that, for example, does the cleaning for you, the iLife A4S can become your next ally in the home.

  • Alarm system.
  • Ideal if you have children, adults and pets at home.
  • 6 years of uninterrupted battery.

  • For it to work you have to purchase the Wattio Gate.

Total score