We know that size matters, do not play it and choose the best support for your large TV

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vogels destacada.jpg

The idea that only a few could afford to have a many-inch television is long gone. Today, televisions have become much more affordable, and this has made large-size TV mounts play a fundamental role in enhancing all the possibilities of our TV.

Due to the continuous innovation of the big TV brands, today we can buy large TVs at reasonable prices. Even so, to enjoy large televisions, doubts often arise about how to get the most out of it. How high should it be placed? What if I want to watch TV from different angles? What is the ideal viewing distance? And most importantly, is it safe to hang a 75-inch TV on the wall?

How to choose the best support

Vogel’s proposes the solution to all these questions with 75 inch tv stands. Since in addition to saving space, you can have almost total freedom to place the television anywhere in your home. This type of support is designed with resistant materials that manage to maintain the weight, about 30kg, and that is completely secure on the wall.

And it is that in addition to providing us with that necessary security, the support for a 75-inch TV further enhances the possibilities of our television. For example, THIN 550 is a perfect bracket to fix the television just 58 mm from the wall, making it practically invisible. In addition to this, it allows rotation of up to 120º, ideal for watching television from different angles, what more do you usually ask for?

There is also the WALL series, which combines 120º rotation with a beautiful elegant structure that adapts to the vast majority of interior styles in the home. This type of range is recognized for being able to hold televisions up to 55kgs.

What if my TV is 85 inches?

No problem! Vogel’s has it all figured out. The 85-inch TV stands are another interesting option if you prefer to hang your TV and not worry. Of course, in this case we must pay special attention to the weight of the television, since a support that fits perfectly to our TV must be placed, we do not want disastrous results.

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The best recommendation for this type of larger screens is to enter the TV model in the Vogel’s bracket finder, ideal for finding the perfect match for your large-size TV, since size matters.


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