What are anti-vibration panels used for in washing machines?

what are anti vibration panels used for in washing machines
what are anti vibration panels used for in washing machines

If you’re shopping for a new washing machine and looking at spec lists, you’ve probably already heard about  washer anti-vibration panels . Today we tell you what is the function of these features that today has become almost essential.

What are the anti-vibration panels that we see in washing machines?

To understand their importance, we are going to try to describe what these washing machine anti-vibration panels are and what their most outstanding functions are. It is a  special design that we see in some models of more modern washing machines and that is designed to  reduce vibrations and generate less noise .

This design based on anti-vibration side panels offers great  stability to the machine (in this case to the washing machines) and, together with the  EcoSilence motor , unwanted noise is eliminated and that annoying buzzing that the most advanced models had accustomed us to ends. old washing machines. Do you remember when the spin of our grandparents made the washing machines move a few centimeters? This is over and, in part, it is thanks to these panels.

In addition, by reducing the vibrations, the fibers of the clothes are also indirectly cared for more, by preventing them from rubbing excessively inside the drum due precisely to these vibrations.

On the other hand, it also allows us to have  quieter appliances , so that we can rest better and dedicate ourselves to other tasks while the washing machine does its job, such as working or even sleeping a little. It’s not totally silent, but it’s not annoying.

Some models that include this technology are, for example, the Balay 3TS976BA or the Bosch WAN2427XES . As you can see, Balay or Bosch are some of the manufacturers that have implemented this feature with great success.