What are scrapbooking crafts and what are they for

Scrapbooking Foto 1.jpg
Scrapbooking Foto 1.jpg

The word scrapbook means scrapbook and this method focuses on customize different elements with bits of things. The process that is based on this technique is called scrapbooking Y consists of cutting, gluing, painting, decorating, sewing, stamping and everything that occurs to us in the same element.

Our creations will depend on the type of work that we are going to carry out and the final result will be more sophisticated or simpler depending on the effort we make. It can be applied to very varied elements such as a greeting card, a calendar, a picture frame, a photo album, a tray, a notebook, an agenda, a jewelry box … Absolutely to anything that happens to us and that we want to decorate.

The result will depend on the effort we make

Materials and tools for scrapbooking

The list of materials and tools that we can use for scrapbooking is very long and wide, although the most common are cardboard, papers, decorations, silks, rivets, stamps, glues, scissors, markers or stickers. We will have to give free rein to our creativity and imagination to create beautiful decorative motifs when we do scrapbooking.

How scrapbooking started

This decorating method is based on ancient techniques of gathering knowledge and memories in diaries and notebooks such as the Italian zibaldon of the 15th century in which their authors kept drawings and texts. There were also the commonplace books, books on various topics in which their authors compiled various data and information and which were widely used by students from popular and renowned universities in Oxford and Harvard in the 17th century to study or as a hobby.


When the first Kodak camera was born, scrapbooking evolved a lot

Other examples of scrapbooking are friendship books, which are similar to yearbooks and were filled with drawings, clippings and writings that were used to collect memories. Already in the XVIII century, when William Granger published the history of England, included drawings plus text and blank pages where readers could add their own comments and illustrations.

When the first Kodak camera was born, the scrapbooking technique evolved towards what we understand today with projects focused mainly on photography. Gradually, people joined the trend to cut out and collect newspaper and magazine articles as a hobby, as well as photographs of their favorite celebrities and public figures to line folders or scrapbooks.