What are the bars of a coffee maker and what are they for?

what are the bars of a coffee maker and what are they for
what are the bars of a coffee maker and what are they for

Surely you have heard about this quality a thousand times, but maybe you don’t even know what exactly it means. In this article we tell you  what the bars of a coffee machine are, what you should take into account when choosing a coffee machine and how this information comes into play to help you prepare a fast and good quality coffee.

What are the bars of a coffee maker

Before stopping to explain what the bars of a coffee maker are, we are going to briefly explain how this small appliance works. To prepare a coffee it is necessary  to heat the water to a high temperature so that it reaches a certain pressure . Later, this water passes through the filter where it absorbs the flavor of the coffee and prepares the drink for us.

And what do bars have to do with this process? The bars serve to  measure the pressure of the water . For example, to prepare an espresso, a coffee machine with 9 bar pressure is recommended. So why do home coffee machines usually have 15 bar pressure? This does not mean that they are better, on the contrary, the difference is in the type of pump used. In the domestic ones, bars are usually lost during the process, that is why they usually need a greater quantity than the professional ones.

pressure bars

If you want to play it safe, super-automatic coffee machines  adjust the pressure according to the coffee being prepared, its length, its aroma, its flavor… So, if the coffee machine is in perfect condition, the result will be spectacular.

And when choosing a coffee machine, there are also other factors to take into account, such as the setting of the grinder, the maximum temperature it reaches, if it allows you to make different types of drinks… A model that works flawlessly is the Melitta Avanza .