What is a heat pump tumble dryer and how do they work?

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secadora con bomba de calor 2.jpg

If you are thinking of buying one drying machine, surely you have a thousand doubts. Home appliances change a lot from generation to generation and it is normal that, when years have passed since you bought the last one, you get lost in a sea of ​​new technologies. To help you, today we are going to try to reveal one of the most frequent doubts: what is a heat pump tumble dryer.

What is a heat pump tumble dryer and how does it work?

Heat pump dryers take advantage of the hot air from outside to dry the laundry. The air is heated by a heat pump and then passes through an evaporator to remove moisture. This moisture converted to water is removed through the drain pipe. The air then circulates to the condenser to cool down and from there returns to the heater when it needs to be reused.

We know that it can be something difficult to understand, so we leave you an image where you may see it better explained.

Advantages of this type of tumble dryer

Among the advantages of a heat pump dryer it stands out that its energy efficiency is better, Besides that make less noiseSince the process of heating air, cooling it and circulating it through the appliance is easier. Its operation is also simpler and prevents the user from messing around between a gazillion programs or settings. In addition, they are usually the type of dryers recommended if what we want is to take better care of clothes, since they work well with delicate garments.

Nevertheless, they are usually more expensive than condensation. If budget is a problem for you, take this into account before deciding which new dryer to buy for your home.

And finally, remember that a lot of lint is usually stored in dryers. Clean the machine well after each use to avoid damage.