What is Beko SmoothFit 90 and what benefits does it offer?

what is beko smoothfit 90 and what benefits does it offer
what is beko smoothfit 90 and what benefits does it offer

At digitalprobox we not only bring you the latest news about the household appliances and Smart Home sector. We also try to offer you daily product reviews, as well as useful articles so that you learn to better understand these teams that surround you and that have the ability to make your life much easier. In this sense, today we are talking about one of the most outstanding characteristics of the  Beko manufacturer ,  which we have already been able to see in products such as Beko B1RCNE404XB . We are talking about the  SmoothFit 90 .

SmoothFit 90: When opening the refrigerator door is no longer a problem

Beko’s SmoothFit 90 features refer to its  design . Appliances can give us real headaches when we don’t know where to place them in our kitchen, especially if it is small, if it is very cornered, if it has elements that put us in check when planning the distribution… Thanks to the refrigerators that They have SmoothFit 90,  we can make sure that the door will open perfectly at an angle of 90º . And you may be thinking that this is normal, but in reality it is not, since when we placed a refrigerator next to a wall, until now, we had to put the door opening to the other side since the hinges did not allow this type of opening. at 90º.

smoothfit 90 beko

With SmoothFit 90 we will also have guaranteed access to drawers and shelves, so you can be calm, since everything inside our fridge will be easily accessible, with all comfort.

Thanks to this hinge, your combi or refrigerator will be able to adapt to every corner of your kitchen, so only you will have the power to decide where you want to place your appliance, without worrying about anything else.

The functionalities are not just a technological issue: the design also has a lot to say.