What is Moulinex Air Pulse technology?

terry johns

what is moulinex air pulse technology

Blessed hot air fryers that are making life so much easier in the kitchen, saving us time while allowing us to eat healthier. Today we are talking about one of the technologies that is making the most noise at the moment is  Air Pulse technology , which comes from  Moulinex .

What is Air Pulse

Air Pulse technology is the one found in some models  of Moulinex hot air fryers . The manufacturer makes use of this system that has a clear objective:  fry food with just a tablespoon of oil and achieve crispy textures . I mean, if your guests couldn’t guess if those fries you just served were made in a deep fryer or an air fryer, it would be a big hit.

This Air Pulse system makes  the flow of hot air circulate in a cyclonic manner , providing speed when cooking and good results thanks to its smooth operation and high power.

moulinex oil free fryers

Cooking healthier and with better possibilities, the objective of this technology

Luckily, those days when dieticians prepared diets based on grilled chicken and broccoli are long gone. Now, hot air fryers, thanks to technologies like the one we are talking about in this article, have managed to open up the range so that we can consume a greater variety of foods with less fat, fewer calories and less oil. With Air Pulse we will only need  a tablespoon of oil to prepare food for the whole family .

The key is in that flow of hot air and in the power of the machine. An example of a fryer model with this technology is the Moulinex EZ201D10 Easy Fry Classic.