What is Smart Diagnosis and how to start it?

what is smart diagnosis and how to start it
what is smart diagnosis and how to start it

LG has been able to offer its users a very useful tool, taking advantage of the possibilities of artificial intelligence and the connected everything of our days. Its name is  Smart Diagnosis and it is part of  ThinQ technology , an app that offers many solutions and improvements in order to improve our relationship with household appliances.

What is Smart Diagnosis

Smart Diagnosis is a  function integrated in Smart ThinQ and used as  an intelligent diagnosis system to check the status of your appliance and diagnose possible faults.

One of its advantages is that it is very easy to use, something key if what you are looking for is precisely that this function provides peace of mind for the user and that he hardly has to do anything more than open the diagnostic function and let the AI take care of the rest.

How to use this self-diagnosis function

As we said, using Smart ThinQ, and more specifically Smart Diagnosis, is very simple. To do this,  install the Smart ThinQ app and, once you have it on your smartphone, open it and follow the small tutorial with which you can pair your appliance so you can start using it.

what is smart diagnosis

Once you have your linked appliance, whatever it is,  click on it to open its options menu and then in the upper right corner on the  three dots . This is where you will see the  Smart Diagnosis feature . When you open it, you will see the  Start Smart Diagnosis button , which will start running a test that will self-check the status of your device. A few minutes later you will have the results. The app will tell you if there is a problem and a list of tips to take better care of it and avoid future problems.

This is one of the most interesting developments in our appliances.