Whirlpool AP330W, the new air purifier for your home

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whirlpool ap330w.jpg

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona 2022 has not only served to show Xiaomi’s Cyberdog or Huawei’s first electronic ink tablet. The connected home has also played a major role and we have seen an example from the hand of whirlpool who has shown in society his new Whirlpool AP330W. We tell you what features this new air purifier brings and what price it has.

Technical characteristics of the Whirlpool AP330W

This model is a air purifier and filter whose objective is to clean the air in our home and improve its quality, thus offering us better quality and better health for the whole family. Count with one triple filter (Pre filter, carbon filter and HEPA filter). Thanks to it, the air is sucked through a three-way system and purified in record time: the pre-filter traps the largest particles, the active carbon filter absorbs smoke, odors and gases, and the HEPA filter captures the smaller particles (such as allergens). It seems like a tedious and complicated filtering, but 15 minutes will be enough to have our clean air.

Lastly, the ultraviolet light Sterilizes and eliminates viruses and bacteria. In addition, it also has 6th sense technology, which, by means of a sensor, continuously measures the quality of the air and is capable of adjusting by itself the rate of purification necessary to keep our home healthy. We will always have this information in view, thanks to the three color led light which indicates, by means of a green, yellow or red color code, the status of air quality.

whirlpool AP330W

Its HEPA filter has an autonomy of 3,000 hours of use and we will receive a notice when we have to change it.

The noise level of this device is 33dBathat is, quite silent (less noise than a refrigerator), so you can use it even at night.

Availability and price

Just introduced, this Whirlpool AP330W is still It has no market launch date or official price.

Meanwhile, you can see other purifiers that are already on the market, such as the Dyson Purifier Formaldehyde.

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