Whirlpool Total No Frost, new range of refrigerators

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The Whirlpool Total No Frost They are the new range of refrigerators presented by the emblematic brand of household appliances. Some products whose manufacturer highlights the inverter motor with 15-year warranty and the low noise level of barely 35 dB.

Whirlpool Total No Frost, quality refrigerators and guarantee

The brand Whirlpool presents its new models of refrigerators focused on maintaining a quieter kitchen. And it is that these types of appliances are usually the cause of most of the noise in this area of ​​the house.

Characteristics of the new refrigerators

What the manufacturer offers are models with a noise level of 35 dB at full operation. This is possible because of your inverter motor. They will be distributed as the new combi range Total NoFrost integration for 2021. Whirlpool ensures that they are the quietest on the market. In addition to being the first recessed models to incorporate the technology Total NoFrost, include other functionalities.

For example, these new refrigerators have the 6th Sense system. It is responsible for being aware of temperature variations, and when detecting them, it adjusts the cooling level automatically. This ensures optimal food preservation conditions both in the freezer and in the refrigerator.

More details

The function Total NoFrost it is in charge of maintaining the constant air flow introduced through the different outlets of the column Metal MultiFlow. This prevents frost formation, so it is not necessary to defrost the freezer. The inverter motor with their fifteen year warranty, as we said at the beginning, it works constantly at low speed in different temperature conditions. This achieves greater energy efficiency. These new products have a Class C. At the moment the manufacturer has not released the price.

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