Why are some pans not suitable for induction?

este es el motivo por el que algunas sartenes no valen para induccion.jpg
este es el motivo por el que algunas sartenes no valen para induccion.jpg

if you have one Induction plaque Perhaps it has ever happened to you that you have bought a pot or a pan and when you get home you have seen that it does not work. The board goes “crazy” and starts showing strange symbols where it should mark the power, or it just doesn’t do anything. But, Do you know why some pans are not suitable for induction? We tell you.

This is the reason why some pans are not suitable for induction

Induction plates have a very particular operation. Beneath the plate itself are electrical coils that create a magnetic field and with it the heat is transmitted directly from this plate to the container (pot, pan…). Therefore, it is necessary that the utensils that we use are ferromagneticthat is to say, that they have a magnet in their composition.

For this reason, if the pot or pan does not have this quality, it is not possible to transmit the heat and therefore the hob does not detect it and it is not possible to use it.

induction pans

How to know if your new pot or pan will work for you or not

If until now we had used another type of hob, it is possible that the first few times you go to buy a pot or pan you forget the “small” detail that you need to be compatible with induction. The easiest way to check is by looking at the base of pot or pan where the icon that indicates that it is compatible with induction (a kind of spring) is usually drawn.

A more rudimentary method is catch a magnet and check if it sticks to the pan. If it does it at the base or at any other point, it is valid for induction and you can use it without problems.

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