Why solar energy is the energy of the future

why solar energy is the energy of the future
why solar energy is the energy of the future

Technological advances in solar energy have taken a considerable leap in recent years. It is becoming more and more feasible to find solar panels for photovoltaic or solar installations at more affordable prices, in addition, changes in legislation and greater awareness on the part of institutions at the international level are proving to be of great help in encouraging users to choose for her. There are many reasons why solar energy can be considered today as the energy of the future, so in this article we are going to explain in detail what they are. Read on to stay up to date!

Solar energy is renewable and clean

The first of the advantages of solar energy is that it is a renewable and clean energy. This is obtained from an inexhaustible source of energy that is the sun, since it is estimated that it still has a life of 8,000 million years until it stops shining. The main advantage of solar energy is that as it comes from renewable energy, it does not use fossil fuels for the production of electricity or heat., unlike what happens with conventional energies, such as coal, oil, natural gas – which are polluting due to the emission of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere – and even uranium – which is used in power plants nuclear power plants for the production of electricity. Solar energy is renewable and clean, it is obtained from the electromagnetic radiation of the sun and does not pollute.

More innovation and technological advances – cheaper

There are more and more advances in technology for the manufacture of thermal and photovoltaic solar panels, which has streamlined the process and lowered costs. The price of solar panels is today much cheaper and more affordable compared to years ago. If we take a look at the past we realize that there has been a drop of almost 81% in the price of the panels , specifically in the last 15 years. Just as there was a decrease in prices in the past, it is expected that the same will happen in the following years – something that is already being seen. This trend can be observed in the prices of current solar panels, such as those sold by the specialized e-Commerce Solarplak. In this online store you can find solar panels that do not reach 50 euros and solar kits that do not exceed 200 euros. Technological advances in the manufacture of solar energy systems are increasing, so it is expected that there will be a new drop in prices in the successive years. It is another reason why solar energy is considered the energy of the future.

The useful life of solar panels

The useful life of solar panels is very long, specifically about 25 years on average if they are properly maintained in this period of time. In fact, they can be as long as 30 years or even more – although the efficiency will not be the same. Keep in mind that, in general, from the age of 20, the power they can offer decreases due to the wear of the cells. As the latest studies have revealed, with each passing year the solar panel usually loses 0.5% of its efficiency.

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More awareness, more aid for solar energy

The issue of raising awareness in society at an international level for the benefits of renewable energy and the support of institutions and administrations is of vital importance in the ecological transition that many countries are experiencing in favor of the planet and a better future. In the Spanish case, the Sun Tax was repealed in 2018 – one of the most abusive measures for the use of solar panels that was implemented in 2015. The sun tax regulated that self-consumption energy producers had to provide financing to the system for the maintenance of the lines and their supervision due to the wear and tear that it could suffer from use. That is, despite the fact that electric power producers used it less than the rest,

Likewise, from the central government and through the different regional and local administrations, different aids are offered to facilitate the installation of solar panels at home. In fact, for the period 2021-2023, a total of 660 million euros will be distributed, which can be expanded to 1,320 million to facilitate self-consumption through renewable energies. At present we can find different subsidies for the reduction of taxes on solar installations, such as the tax credits of the Real Estate Tax (IBI) and those of the Tax on Installations, Constructions and Works (ICIO); but also subsidies to reduce the budget of solar installations, which help to reduce the total price of an installation. In some cases, depending on the community, users can opt for both types of aid.

The truth is that institutions are progressing more and more towards a real ecological transition, although there are still many things to do and it is expected that in the coming years this trend will increase – as has been agreed in the race. European Union for reducing pollution and carbon footprint. Another advantage that exists today for carrying out a solar installation at home is the possibility of selling the surplus electricity produced with the solar panels to the general electricity grid. Although the price is low, it is a savings for users.

The cheapest electricity to produce

Last but not least, it is important to note that solar energy is considered today as the one that produces the cheapest electricity in history, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA) in its World Energy Outlook 2021 report. The report confirms that solar energy costs fell between 20% and 50% compared to the year before the report was published.