Why there is a shortage of ice and how you can make it at home

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why there is a shortage of ice and how you.jpg

Ice is one of the elements that we hardly noticed now, but again the shadow of the shortage He has put the spotlight on them. Why is there a shortage of ice? It may seem like a very simple product that anyone can make at home with the minimum of resources, and yet in many places the Out of Stock sign has already been posted.

Why is there a shortage of ice?

The first point to understand a problem is to know the reasons that have caused them. In this case, to understand why there is a shortage of ice, we have to take into account two factors: the rise in the price of electricity and the high temperatures in our country.

It is being an especially hot summer, in which we have already lost count of how many heat waves we have had, but, in addition, that the light is also at record highs, is something that does not help. Therefore, we find that the demand for ice has increased, while factories see their ability to produce more reduced. The result is obvious: there is more demand than supply.

For this reason, in many supermarkets limiting the amount of ice that can be purchased per personto avoid shortages and promote responsible consumption.

How to make ice at home

There are many ways in which you can make ice at home:

why is there a shortage of ice

  • With a combi with an ice dispenser: You will already know that there are many freezers that allow us to make ice from the appliances themselves.
  • With the ice buckets of a lifetime: It is the simplest method and also the least efficient, since the capacity to produce ice that we have in this case is very limited and it is also a somewhat tedious task.
  • With special machines: There are devices like this ice maker FOOINGwhich allows us to have our small production of ice, easily and quickly.