Wooden and metal stairs as bookshelves

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The stairs are useful that serve to help us reach objects that exceed us in height but not only serve for that, but also They can also be of great help as a decorative and innovative element if we know how to get the most out of them in a very practical and simple way, at the same time that they harmonize with our decoration. The possibilities they offer are enormous and it is only a matter of imagination and creativity, so follow these simple ideas that will help you bring originality to your home turning stairs into bookshelves.

Wooden and metal stairs as shelves in your home

There are times when the stairs do not need to be used completely, because we can also use only part of them. What’s more, We can leave them as they are to provide this rustic touch to the decoration or we can paint and varnish them to our liking with the colors that we want and that we see that they can harmonize with our rooms.

Your new shelf can add a rustic or more modern touch

The only thing you need is to remove the dust from a designer stepladder that has shelves that you no longer use or that are forgotten in the storage room. Later, We recommend that you secure the shelves so that they do not move with strong glue or glue, although it is always better that you screw them to ensure that they will not fall off.

If when you have finished cleaning it and securing the shelves you decide that it is ready and you already know what you want to put on top, perfect. However, if you want to paint it, We recommend that you sand it before doing so if the stair is made of wood because it will better absorb all the colors and the varnish. If it is a metal ladder, print it out and then you can paint it. If the metallic ladder was already painted and has flaked, it is best to sand it, apply the primer and paint.

Finishes without rules and with a lot of imagination


There are no rules that tell us how they should be, we will use them to our liking

This is the great advantage of preparing and decorating your own furniture yourself, since there are no rules that dictate how they have to beIt will simply depend on where you want to place your new shelf. In addition, it can not only function as a bookcase, but also we can use our ladder as a bookcase, flowerpot, shoe rack, wardrobe and it can even be used as a shelf in stores to show all the products that we want in a shop window or inside the room.