Xiaomi DIIIB, smart toilet that is remotely controlled

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xiaomi diiib.jpg

The smart toilet Xiaomi DIIIB is a new product that the Chinese company presents with the ability to correct the pressure problems and adjust the neat to each user. A device that can also be remote control.

Xiaomi DIIIB, toilet for a smart toilet

The brand Xiaomi It looks for its space in all areas of the home, even in the most unexpected. And it is that the company, through a new project via collective financing, has created an intelligent toilet. It’s about the reference DIIIB, Y Xiaomi allows remote control, among other benefits.

Product characteristics

The new toilet It is presented to the market in two variants. This toilet accessory stands out for the improved control that solves water pressure problems on upper floors. Also includes a button Smart which is responsible for adjust grooming according to user preferences.

For pressure incidents, this smart toilet DIIIB from Xiaomi count with one pressurized power discharge system through a double motor Incorporated. So the appliance does not need a lot of pressure in the water to work, because the toilet itself takes care of that work. The toilet has a dual control drain valve with pressurization technology in combination with the typical float so that it opens in a short time and achieves a quick emptying of the cistern.

Other details of Xiaomi DIIIB

In addition, the toilet is capable of heat the seat Y dry with a jet of hot air. It has a night light that avoids turning on the bathroom light, and has a screen which displays and controls the various functions.

Xiaomi DIIIB

Heat the seat

You can choose between a model basic and other advanced, the latter has a antifreeze filter. The smart toilet DIIIB from Xiaomi It has an approximate price of 576 euros to change.

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