Xiaomi Kingsmith WalkingPad R2, get in shape from home

xiaomi kingsmith walkingpad r2 7.jpg
xiaomi kingsmith walkingpad r2 7.jpg

Autumn is the quintessential month of good resolutions, we would even dare to say that the resolutions we make at this time have a better chance of being successful than those made after Christmas. Let’s say that the change of cycle is more natural: we return to the routine after the most important holidays of the year, a new course begins, the temperatures change… And our body and mind prepare for the real changes. Therefore, it is time to fulfill your purposes. But not only good intentions are worth it, if you want to achieve what you set out to do, sometimes you also have to invest in tools that bring you closer to your goals. For example, if you have decided to lose weight or gain physical shape, today we are talking about your new best friend: the treadmill. Xiaomi Kingsmith WalkingPad R2.

We are going to know everything about it so that you can assess whether it is a good purchase for you or not.

Design of the Xiaomi Kingsmith WalkingPad R2

The first thing we want to highlight about this film is that the size of this type of device will surely throw you back. It is logical, not all of us have enough space at home. Therefore, if space is a problem for you, it is important that you see that the tape you choose can be folded. In this case, it is possible and this model has dimensions of 1452 x 722 x 1032 mm that become 1000 x 720 x 161.5 mm when we fold it. The weight is overwhelming, 40.5 kg, but it comes with some transport wheels so you can move it from one side to the other without problems. Thanks to the low thickness that it has once folded, you can store it under the bed, the desk or even the sofa if you have a medium-tall one. Of course, be careful with your back when you go to move it, since when you bend down, if you do not do it correctly, you can hurt yourself. Another fact that you should know is that it supports up to 110 kg of weight.

Is it availabe only in black color And you can use it with a small stand, in case you want to hold or place your mobile to watch videos and entertain, as without it. It includes a small screen at the base, with information such as the total exercise time.

Quiet motor and anti-slip tape

We look in more detail at its technical characteristics, we find that this Xiaomi Kingsmith WalkingPad R2 equips a 1.25 HP brushless motor. It has a steel frame and multiple layers on its base to reduce noise by absorbing shock. This brushless motor is less noisy than other conventional ones, but don’t think that it will be totally silent. Something is heard, also think that you will also make noise when walking or running in it, so if you are worried about disturbing other people who are in the same room, you better give it some good noise canceling headphones if you want that they do not listen to you at all.

More things. The running belt has non-slip texture to prevent you from slipping. In addition, the absorption that we had mentioned in the previous paragraph that helps reduce noise, also favors better care of the knees. It is not a panacea, so if you have some kind of injury and cannot do impact sports, running here is not for you either. The surface of the tape is 610 x 1200 mm.

Xiaomi Kingsmith WalkingPad R2

Run or walk? What do you want to do today?

There are many Chinese treadmills, but you must bear in mind that the cheapest ones usually have a common problem and that is that they do not allow running. Many of them, like the one, only go up to 6 km / h, which you will imagine is not the best if you want to do intense exercise. In this case, this tape is not one of the most advanced either, but it gives us a little more margin, since it can be set at a speed between 0.5 km / h and 10 km / h. Therefore, you can choose whether you want to walk, jog or run today.

Plus, it comes with a remote control so you can speed up or down as you need. We recommend that you look for workouts focused on your goal (who wants to lose fat is not the same as someone who wants to increase muscle or gain physical strength), in this way you will get the most out of your treadmill and you will be able to reach your goal. On the internet there is a lot of information about it, you can even search for specific routines on YouTube or, if you prefer, go to a physical trainer who will study your case and give you the best workouts for you and your needs.

Xiaomi Kingsmith WalkingPad R2

Features of the Kingsmith WalkingPad R2

Xiaomi Kingsmith WalkingPad R2
Colour Black
Dimensions (open) 1452 x 722 x 1032 mm
Dimensions (folded) 1000 x 720 x 161.5 mm
Weight 40.5 kg
Maximum weight supported 120 kg
Wheels Yes
Motor 1.25 HP brushless motor
Non-slip belt Yes
Belt surface 610 x 1200 mm
Speed 0.5 km / h – 10 km / h
Support bar Yes
Display Yes
Remote control Yes
Box contents
  • 1 x Xiaomi Kingsmith WalkingPad R2
  • 1 x remote control
  • Manuals

Availability and price of the Xiaomi Kingsmith WalkingPad R2

The Kingsmith WalkingPad R2 tape is a good option if you want a fairly versatile home exercise equipment, thanks to the possibilities of folding it, putting a bar or not, etc. Also, the speed range is quite correct for both walking and running. Of course, keep in mind that it lacks extras for the price it has, for example, a larger screen with more information or a heart rate sensor.

If you want to look at other options, you can learn more about the treadmill here Bodytone DT-18.

  • Can be folded
  • It comes with wheels to move it more easily
  • Reaches up to 10 km
  • It has a small screen
  • Can be used with or without bar / stand
  • Not too loud

  • High price
  • Only available in one color
  • The display shows insufficient information

Total score