Xiaomi Mijia T700, what can this electric toothbrush do for you?


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Nobody likes going to the dentist, we are not going to fool ourselves. As much as we have found a good professional, they are not pleasant interventions. The solution to avoid problems is to maintain correct daily hygiene and visit our dentist at least once a year for a cleaning, which is painless, simple, quick and helps us to control that everything is fine in our mouth. For daily hygiene at home we recommend that you use a electric toothbrush, which offers better results than manual ones. That’s why today we’re talking about Xiaomi Mijia T700a model that is not exactly cheap but that offers many benefits and very top functionalities.

Xiaomi Mijia T700 design

At first glance we see that with this Xiaomi Mijia T700 we are facing a premium toothbrush. Its materials are excellent and it is very ergonomic, with an anti-slip system both in the area of ​​the charging base and in the back. Furthermore, it is IPX7that is to say, totally waterproof, in the end this point is very important because it is a device that we are going to use very close to the water.

Its most original and remarkable design is that it has a led screen which allows us to customize emoticons so that brushing is more fun or we can even leave messages to our partner or our children.

Xiaomi Mijia T700

In addition, on this screen we can also see data on how we have brushed, even with a score so that we know if we can improve, the remaining battery and much more. This information is the prelude to your My Home app, where we can find tips and recommendations for a better brushing method, functions, information about the brush, etc. Later we will talk about brushing modes.

Their Super soft DuPont nylon bristles It helps us take care of our gums. The diameter of the outer ring bristles is 0.127mm and that of the middle bristles is 0.152mm. The ultra-thin brush head 4mm allows for easier entry into the mouth, with the ability to more easily clean all corners. Its design in M ​​and its vibration inclination of 45º It helps us to obtain an easier cleaning.

Xiaomi Mijia T700

The content of the box is as follows:

  • 1 * Toothbrush
  • 2 x Head protectors
  • 2 x heads
  • 1 x Body Shield
  • 1 x Docking Station
  • 1 * Manual

With magnetic levitation sonic motor

We fully enter the technical characteristics of this model and start talking about the magnetic levitation sonic engine, which gives us great cleaning power, with high impact absorption and a low noise level. It allows us to regulate the power and control the brushing force at all times to prevent us from damaging our mouths.

The oscillation is 396,000 times per minute, to remove plaque, tartar and stains. The noise level is 55dBIt is not totally silent, but it is not a very annoying noise either.

brushing modes

From the Mi Home app, but also from the brush itself, we can customize how we brush our teeth. We have three brushing modes, power setting, duration setting and automatic overpressure reminderamong others.

Xiaomi Mijia T700

A curious detail is that after turning on the brush, the force will increase little by little. This will give us time to put the brush in our mouth and start brushing and thus prevent the toothpaste from splashing, something that would be very uncomfortable.

Long battery life with wireless charging

In this type of product it is interesting that the battery is up to the task. Ok, we have agreed to charge our mobile or our watch every day, but we are not going to be charging our toothbrush every day. In this Mijia T700 we have a 1,050mAh battery which gives us an autonomy of 24 days. In this way, you will have no problem taking it on a trip, on vacation, to your second home or even on a business trip.

On the other hand, the charging base is wireless. It is placed in a very simple way and it is easy to load, in a comfortable way, you can leave it charging and go and remove it when it tells you that the load has finished.

Xiaomi Mijia T700

Technical characteristics of the Xiaomi Mijia T700

Xiaomi Mijia T700
Led screen Yes
customizable emoticons
Endurance IPX7
apps My Home
Tilt Vibration 45º
  • Super soft DuPont nylon bristles
  • 0.127mm outer ring bristle diameter
  • 0.152mm medium bristles
  • 4mm ultra-thin brush head
oscillations per minute 396,000
Noise level 55dB
Settings to highlight
  • Three brushing modes
  • power adjustment
  • Duration setting
  • Automatic overpressure reminder
Engine Magnetic Levitation Sonic Engine
battery capacity 1,050mAh
Autonomy up to 24 days
charging cradle wireless
Box contents
  • 1 * Toothbrush
  • 2 x Head protectors
  • 2 x heads
  • 1 x Body Shield
  • 1 x Docking Station
  • 1 * Manual

Availability and price of the Xiaomi Mijia T700

This Xiaomi Mijia T700 is a very interesting investment to take care of the health of your teeth. This is essential to reduce the possibility of developing problems or diseases in the mouth. It is a very advanced option, with many customization and configuration options and with which you will learn to brush better.

If you want to compare this brush Xiaomi with another model of another brand, here we leave you our review of the SweetLF electric toothbrush.

  • highly customizable
  • You will learn to brush your teeth better
  • with LED display
  • It has IPX7 resistance so that we do not have any problem with water
  • We can customize it with emoticons
  • excellent autonomy
  • very good power
  • Battery charging is wireless
  • We can fully control it from the app
  • We will have recommendations and a history

  • somewhat noisy
  • somewhat high price

Total score

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