Xiaomi Philips LED Ceiling Lamp, Xiaomi’s smart lamp.

Xiaomi Philips Led Ceiling Lamp Cabecera.jpg
Xiaomi Philips Led Ceiling Lamp Cabecera.jpg

Smart homes have become one of today’s hottest tech revelations. This, in part, is motivated by the need to facilitate our day-to-day lives due to the little time we have lately. From sensors to warn us of open doors or windows, sockets that control different devices and that allow turning off and on appliances and lights at a certain time, etc., today we will talk about a device manufactured by the collaboration of Philips and Xiaomi. It is neither more nor less than a smart ceiling lamp whose features are very interesting and is designed for all those technology fans who cannot stop betting on innovation in their homes. Today in Gizhogar, we are going to talk about the Xiaomi Philips LED Ceiling Lamp.

Xiaomi Philips LED Ceiling Lamp

With dimensions of 49.50 x 49.90 x 5.40 cm and a weight of 1.6 Kg, the Xiaomi Philips LED Ceiling Lamp is an intelligent circular lamp whose features will enchant even the most demanding. It is an LED ceiling light that has 33 W power and that, among other benefits, allows you to automatically adjust the light of the room where it is located according to our tastes. Either because you like to have a warmer environment to watch TV or have dinner, or you prefer a cold light to read, this LED lamp brings a range of cool and warm shades that will make your home unique and special. Also, for those special occasions, nothing better than the Moonlight Mode that we can activate when we want and that will offer us a cozy and warm environment without having to adjust other lights.
Regarding the materials with which it is manufactured, they are of the highest quality and it has a ABS coating which makes it safe and reliable. Inside this lamp we will find 64 LED lights together with a one-piece aluminum plate to dissipate heat. These lights are responsible for illuminating as much as you need the place where you are. Its innovative design and manufacturing format allow this smart ceiling own a long lifespan of up to 25,000 hours.
Its operation is simple. First of all, you can control and configure your smart lamp using the remote control that it brings or using the smartphone or tablet app called Mi Home. This will allow you to control all the variety of sensors that are integrated and that serve to adapt the color temperature in a range that is established dfrom 2,700 kelvin to 5,700. Also, you can regulate and adjust the light intensity or, what is the same, the luminosity, since the Xiaomi Philips LED Ceiling Lamp is capable of emitting from 0.1 lumen to 2,000. This translates into comfort and well-being for the whole family, as it is ideal for households with young children who are afraid of the dark and for adults who like to read in a bright and light environment.
To all this, it is essential to know that this smart lamp is compatible with other accessories or gadgets of the brand. For example, if you enjoy a Xiaomi Mi Band 2 activity bracelet, you can link it to the lamp through the application of your mobile and tablet, and this serves, for example, so that, when you go to leave home, the light turns off. automatically without the need for you to do it.

Finally, and ending with its operation, installation of the Xiaomi Philips LED Ceiling Lamp It is very simple and it will only take you a few minutes to carry it out, since it has a quick-mount coupler module (resistant to electric shocks) and IP60 protection that, although it is not indicated for areas with humidity such as the bathroom, will prevent the dirt, dust and insects get into the lamp.

General characteristics of the Xiaomi Philips LED Ceiling Lamp

Xiaomi Philips LED Ceiling Lamp
Brand Xiaomi
Type of device Roof light
Luminous flux 3000Lm
Wavelength / CCT 2700 – 5700K
Power (w) 33W
Voltage (V) AC 110-240V
Illumination field 20sq.m.
Lining material ABS
Style Contemporary
Suggested room size 15 – 20㎡
Product weight 1.63 kg
Product size (length x width x height): 49.50 x 49.90 x 5.40 cm
Package content 1 x Xiaomi Philips LED Ceiling Lamp

Opinions of the Xiaomi Philips LED Ceiling Lamp

The Xiaomi Philips LED Ceiling Lamp offers a bright, clear light that adjusts to the needs of the moment and the place where it is installed. With it you can from brighten or establish a more intense luminosity, until it is dimmed almost to a minimum or choose your Moonlight mode to create a warm and cozy atmosphere for those special moments or before sleeping. The range of cold and warm tones will allow you to decorate your home to your liking without complications and its installation is very simple, although it must be said that the software that comes with the device is in Chinese, so it can take a bit to know the functions and set it up. Can be controlled from your remote control and smartphone app, so it is a very comfortable lamp to use.
However, it has a very good value for money and we can find this smart lamp for less than € 70.

Xiaomi Philips LED Ceiling Lamp

Availability and price of the Xiaomi Philips LED Ceiling Lamp

As we have already said, you can buy this smart lamp for less than € 70 on Gearbest.


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  • Clear light that adapts to the intensity and temperature that we need.
  • It is controlled by remote control or smartphone app.

  • The product software comes in Chinese, so it may take a while to learn its functions.

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