Xiaomi smart clothesline, total control via mobile

tendedero inteligente de xiaomi.jpg
tendedero inteligente de xiaomi.jpg

An original accessory for the connected home hits the market. It is the smart clothesline of Xiaomi, a product that connects to the mobile and can be managed by voice commands.

Xiaomi smart clothesline, for an increasingly connected home

There is no object, however implausible, to which Xiaomi don’t you dare give it a technological spin. The Chinese company has in its catalog all kinds of connected devices. From dishwashers, through outlets, air conditioners, locks, scales, toilet, even a connected bed. So many products that some may not be surprised by his new bet: a smart clothesline.

Product characteristics

The proposal of Xiaomi consists of a folding clothesline. An accessory that is installed on the ceiling of the house, in the style of a lamp. This product differs from a conventional one by having permanent connection with which it is integrated into the ecosystem of Xiaomi for the smart home.

Xiaomi smart clothesline

The manufacturer has designed the product for those homes where there is no patio or terrace on which to hang clothes to dry in the open air. Device Xiaomi serves as a point of illumination, and when necessary, of clothes line. The device is placed on the ceiling like any other led board standard.

More details of the clothesline

This household accessory has a electric folding system. Thus, the clothesline is automatically extended without any effort on the part of the user. On it you can hang up to 35 kilos of clothes. It has a surface to hang that slightly exceeds the 2 meters. And pay attention, since light, in addition to serving as a focus, is used to dry the clothes for as long as the clothesline mode is enabled.

Xiaomi smart clothesline

The device includes security sensors that stop the unfolding / folding of the clothesline when they detect an obstacle. Product management is carried out through its remote control, or voice commands by means of the App My Home manufacturer. The Xiaomi smart clothesline is for sale for 899 yuan, about 100 euros to change, in the Chinese market.

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