Xiaomi Smart Home Display 6: Availability and price

xiaomi smart home display 6 availability and price.jpg
xiaomi smart home display 6 availability and price.jpg

Smart screens have become a basic pillar in our daily lives. They act like home automation control center of our home or our office and have a variety of very interesting features. Today we talk about Xiaomi Smart HomeDisplay 6a model that is already available in China and “threatens” to arrive soon in our country.

Features of the Xiaomi Smart Home Display 6

This Xiaomi Smart Home Display 6 allows us to remotely control other devices in the home, such as lights, appliances, mobile phones and any other device that we can link to it to centralize everything in one place. In this case, we have a screen of 6 incheswhich in turn includes a speakera 2MP camera a microphone and a voice assistant. As an operating system, we have MIUI Home which is explicitly designed to meet the needs of users when interacting with this type of device.

Xiaomi Smart Home Display 6 5

In short, this equipment works as a screen from which to interact with our home: it no longer only allows us to check the weather or the day’s agenda, we can also turn off the lights, see who is knocking on the door or control the oven, as long as these third party devices allow this interaction. It depends on what you are looking for from it, you can use it only as a 6-inch screen, as a tablet, or get much more out of it if what you want is to get this personalized home automation center.

Availability and price

This model is now available in China for a price of 50 euros to change. Will it come to Spain? It is still a mystery to be solved. But if you like this type of product, here we leave you another interesting option: the Smart Display 10another model from the manufacturer Xiaomi.

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