Xiaomi Smart Pet Food Feeder, new smart feeder

xiaomi smart pet food feeder new smart feeder.jpg
xiaomi smart pet food feeder new smart feeder.jpg
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Pet care is a priority for those who have animals at home. In this sense, today we are talking about the new Xiaomi Smart Pet Food Feedera gadget that allows us to have the peace of mind that our dogs or cats will always be well fed.

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Technical characteristics of the Xiaomi Smart Pet Food Feeder

This Xiaomi Smart Pet Food Feeder comes with a tank that allows us to store food for our pets, so that it can be dosed as our best friend needs. Although leaving animals alone at home for a long time is not the solution, at least if our day gets complicated and we have to stay longer at work, with this device we will have the peace of mind that they will never lack food.

we can store up to 1.8 kg of food, which will be dosed according to the needs of the animal. It’s up to you load and quantity, through the Xiaomi Home app, because no one knows your pet’s feeding routines better than you. The device has dimensions of 387 x 311 x 180mm and its weight is 3kg. In addition, so that there is no transfer of bad odors or that your animal does not get nervous if it detects that there is always food nearby, it is stored in a stainless steelprotected against bad odors and bacteria.

It has a shelf life of 10,000 dispensing cycles and it works with two AA batteries.

Availability and price

Although it has already been announced, not available yet but coming very soon. In the first place, as usual, it will go to the Chinese market, for a price that we hope will be around 75 euros.

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