Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain, so that your pets are never thirsty

xiaomi smart pet fountain 4.jpg
xiaomi smart pet fountain 4.jpg

Although we should never leave an animal alone at home for a long time, sometimes the day at work gets complicated or some setback arises that makes this get out of hand. Giving them company is essential, but of course we cannot ignore the importance of them being well fed and hydrated. For the first, last week we talked about the Xiaomi Smart Pet Food Feederwhile for the second today we offer you another solution: the Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain. Let’s meet her.

Features of the Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain

The Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain is a gadget for pets that works as a smart water dispenser, so that our animals never lack water in good condition. And we say in good condition because if we left them with huge troughs, in addition to the fact that they could accidentally throw it away, there would also be a risk that the water would become in poor condition. This gadget has a temperature sensor to check that everything is fine, in addition to a four stage filter with which it is sought to eliminate any impurity that may exist in the water.

Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain

It is very quiet and we can control it from the mobile to be calm and know that it is working well at all times. In addition, it has an inclination of seven degrees so that the animal can drink correctly, as well as an easy cleaning system. The capacity is 2 liters and the dimensions of the product are 191 x 191 x 177mm.

Availability and price

This product not yet available in Spain but it is expected to arrive soon, so we still have to wait a bit to know more details about its marketing date and the price at which it will be available.