Yale Smart Safe: How does it work?


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In the field of the Smart Home there are many very interesting options. The last one we have known is the yale smart safea storage product to protect our most valuable objects.

Technical characteristics of the Yale smart safe

Yale’s smart safe is designed with the user in mind, making it an easy-to-use product with different functionalities to maximize your options. For example, you have different opening methods: key, keyboard, app… Speaking of the app, it has a very useful function and that is that every time the door is opened the user receives a notification.

This helps us to always have our belongings under control and to know if something is happening with them. These notifications also work in case the machine detects that battery is running out. What happens if it runs out completely? Can’t we open it? Everything is thought out and it is that if the battery runs out completely, we can use the external connectors of the box to open it.

yale smart safe

And if we need someone to open it when we are not at home, we can give them temporary access codes or unlock it again. All this is done from the app Yale Access. What if someone tries to open it? After five failed access attempts, the box will lock for five minutes and sound an alarm alert.

Availability and price

Its price is 289 euros and you can already buy it at the yale online store. If you are looking for something simpler, you can look at other of the company’s available models in this same store. You can also take the opportunity to buy other products, such as the Yale H.D.. It is a surveillance camera to control at all times what happens inside our house, whether we are in it or not.