YI Dome, how is the camera that detects the cry of your baby?

1618819584 Yi Dome Cabecera.jpg
1618819584 Yi Dome Cabecera.jpg

Can you imagine a surveillance camera capable of detecting your baby’s crying? Well, it exists, and we bring it for you! It’s about the YI Dome, from the YI brand, a cheap camera that will help you keep an eye on those who matter most to you.

YI Dome

The YI Dome is a surveillance camera that has dimensions of 11 x 15 x 15 cm and we can find it in black and white color, so we can choose it depending on the space in which it will be. This surveillance camera enjoys a horizontal rotation of 345º and vertical of 115º, with a coverage of 360º. This shows you have a professional wide angle lens and a bidirectional rotation to record and capture panoramic scenes with almost no blind spots, so you don’t have to worry about missing a thing. In addition, the YI Dome camera records and captures panoramic scenes with hardly any blind spots. The YI Dome automatically switches to “Auto-masking” modeIn other words, the lens is hidden to offer you a greater sense of security and in order to ensure that when you are not using it, it does not continue recording without you wanting it. Its image quality is improved as it offers a 1080p HD quality and two million pixels, allowing you to see everything that happens in the area you are recording, since a high definition image is crucial for a surveillance camera. In fact, with the push of a button, you can make a zoom up to x 4 and, thus, being able to appreciate even the smallest detail.

With its YI Home application, you will see that the Yi dome camera has an intuitive navigation system with which you will have absolute control of your home, office or premises in your hands. You will be able to see from any angle and in the way you prefer, even if you want to take a panoramic view of your home or business. What’s more, you can connect multiple YI cameras to your app and view all of them from your smartphone app without any problem. All in one. And since not only the vision is important, but also the storage capacity that the security camera offers you to be able to have captures and images that matter to you, the YI Dome 1080p brings some more flexible storage options. First, it loops when motion is detected or continuously saves video to local memory, that is, to a Class 4 microSD card up to 32GB that, as in almost all cameras, it does not include that it can store up to 80 hours continuous video recording. But, in addition, you can double the security of your videos by uploading them to the cloud with YI Cloud. The installation of this camera is fast, versatile and will allow you to place your camera where it suits you or you prefer. Whether hanging on the wall, on a surface or hooked to the ceiling, the YI Dome offers you multiple installation possibilities.

With two microphones for symmetrical sound, the 10-second motion tracking alerts will allow you to follow and capture each movement in detail, as the motion algorithms detect moving objects, capture and follow their trajectory automatically. Intelligent motion tracking will take care of everything so you don’t have to worry. In fact, this precise detection of movement is the hallmark of the camera, and this is because the device, at the slightest movement, detects it with precision and immediately warns you of it, with the consequent image capture that will be sent.

But this camera is not only used to monitor your home or business for intruders, you can also use it to see what your pets are doing when you are not there or even as a baby monitor, and the latter is because it brings a innovative identification of the sound of a baby’s cry. In this way, using audio identification technology, the Yi Dome is able to detect the mood emitted by the voice it is recording and, thus, send you an immediate alert when your baby cries. And, to avoid confusion, the Yi dome camera will display a different “baby’s crying” alert message. In this way, you will know that this alarm is for your little one and you can act accordingly.

YI Dome Features

YI Dome camera
Height 110mm
Top diameter 64mm
Base diameter 93mm
Weight 230g (net)
Angle 112 °
Resolution 1080P
Night vision 8 940nm non-invasive infrared LEDs
Focal distance 2.6mm
Storage MicroSD card (class 4 or higher, 4GB-32GB maximum capacity)
Quick Install vertical, wall mount, ceiling
Humidity <80%
Operating temperature 0ºC ~ 50ºC
WiFi connection 2.4HGz
Plug DC5V-1A
Compatible systems IOS7.0, Android 4.0 or higher

YI Dome reviews

Even though it is not an expensive 1080p Yi dome, its value for money leaves something to be desired, since there are users who have reported that the image and sound are presented correctly when the smartphone is connected to the same Wi-Fi as the camera, but not when you leave the house, since it may happen that both one aspect and both are slow down. We are talking, however, of a camera that does not exceed 50 euros in its 780p version, as the 1080p version, that is, high definition, increases its price by 100 euros And not all consumers have had this problem. As a baby monitor and to monitor your pets it is highly recommended, since it has a very good night vision and the advantage of being able to be installed both on the wall, as attached to the ceiling or placed on any surface. Its rotatability allows a detailed view of virtually the entire recording environment.


YI Dome availability and price

This camera is available in Amazon in black and white and with different resolution.

But if you want to keep looking at surveillance cameras, take a look at the Conceptronic WiFi IP Camera V3, which also has very competitive night vision.

  • Good night vision.
  • Various installation possibilities (on the surface, hooked to the wall and hung from the ceiling).
  • Less than € 50 in its 780p version.

  • Sometimes the application may slow down.